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Debt Negotiation & How It Can Benefit You

Debt Negotiation Help BenefitsI’m often surprised when people with personal debt problems seek out expensive debt reduction services as a first step. This is because there are some highly effective debt negotiation services out there which you can do yourself at a relatively low cost. Let me explain. Let’s say your debt has become unmanageable. There could be many reasons for this and the most common are a loss of income, relationship breakup or just letting the situation gradually get out of control. Whatever the reason, there are some very effective strategies you could engage to resolve the situation for yourself. Read more »

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5 Tips To Help You Pay Your Bills On Time

Tips To Pay Your Bills On TimeFirst of all, paying bills on time is important because you should keep the commitments you make, but it’s also important because it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Paying your bills on time means you won’t have to pay late fees, and it helps you protect your credit score. Late payments could result in a lower score, which could mean higher interest rates and fewer lending options. Paying bills on time doesn’t have to be hard. Use the following tips to avoid making late payments – and the associated fees: Read more »

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Ways to Keep Monthly Service Charges Low

Low Monthly Service ChargesIt’s an all too common story. After taking time to compare services and rates before signing an annual contract, the anniversary arrives and that affordable cable programming or cell phone service suddenly becomes much more expensive.  It may be due to the fact that your contract was for a promotional rate that expired or simply that the company’s rates increased across the board. If you’re struggling to get out of debt or to stick to a tight budget, a rate increase is cause for concern and something that needs to be addressed. Read more »

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Staying Motivated When Paying Down Debt

Staying Motivated Paying Down DebtThe things that are worth doing the most in life will often require perseverance. Consider what it takes to quit smoking or lose weight – big moves that often involve drastic changes in all areas of your personal life. The necessity of paying off large amounts of unsecured debt falls into this same category of life-altering events. When you face a debt problem head-on, the decision will often mean overhauling your finances and putting in place dramatic changes that will break the bad habits that put you into debt in the first place. Read more »

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Never Choose Credit Card Based On Rewards

Never Choose Card On RewardsRewards used by credit card companies to entice new customers to apply are effective promotions that provide small benefits. While they may be beneficial for those who are wise enough to balance the rewards with the overall costs, credit card issuers know that many of us have an inclination to impulsively jump at the chance to get what appears to be something for nothing without discernment. That’s why a word of warning is important. Read more »

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Data Breach? Don’t Ditch Your Card Just Yet

Credit Card Data BreachMajor cyber attacks reported by the media, like the recent breach of the user database at eBay, tend to play on our fears and instill distrust, even when the thieves don’t actually obtain any sensitive information. The way these stories are framed may have you thinking it’s only a matter of time before you’re victimized and that a hasty retreat away from credit is the only way to prevent it from happening. Read more »

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Liability or Asset? Debt Is a Matter of Attitude

Debt An Asset Vs. LiabilityJust as coins have two sides, there are opposing situations in finance – something is either considered a “liability “or an “asset.” Your finances should never be balanced; on the contrary, they should tip to a great degree to the asset side. For example, if you have a limited budget, it would be better to pay in cash for an older car rather than sign a lease on a brand new one. While there may be room to debate whether a particular financial decision is a good or a bad one, most debt can easily be categorized on one side or the other. Read more »

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Defining an Effective Payment Hierarchy

An Effective Payment HierarchyThere are a lot of things in life that make more sense and work better when a specific order is followed. It doesn’t make sense, for example, to expect to harvest a crop if you haven’t planted the seed and nurtured them to maturity. In the same way, your financial future is dependent on prioritizing the way you spend your money and putting in place a payment hierarchy that shifts resources to the most important obligations down to the least. Read more »

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Holiday Shopping With Your Smartphone

Smartphone Holiday ShoppingHoliday sales promotions are being thrust upon us sooner this year than ever before with advertising being rolled out weeks before Halloween. Retailers and online merchants are hoping to cash in on $640 billion in holiday spending. More than 10% will be ecommerce sales expected to exceed $60 billion; of that figure, mobile sales are projected to comprise 16%, according to eMarketer. Bargain-conscious consumers will tap into BOGO sales, coupons, promotions and free shipping to stretch their holiday dollars. Read more »

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5 Personality Traits of The Rich & Successful

Traits of Rich & SuccessfulWhy is one person able to live debt-free while another is constantly worrying about how to pay their creditors? Generally, as with any group, debt-free consumers have a lot in common. In fact, they share many of the same personality traits as the rich and successful. If you want to be debt-free, learning these qualities and incorporating them into your daily life may be the ultimate key to your success. By observing how the debt-free live it’s possible to change your way of thinking, form new habits and hopefully switch directions. Read more »

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