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Ways to Keep Monthly Service Charges Low

It’s an all too common story. After taking time to compare services and rates before signing an annual contract, the anniversary arrives and that affordable cable programming or cell phone service suddenly becomes much more expensive.  It may be due to the fact that your contract was for a promotional rate that expired or simplyMore »

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Holiday Shopping With Your Smartphone

Holiday sales promotions are being thrust upon us sooner this year than ever before with advertising being rolled out weeks before Halloween. Retailers and online merchants are hoping to cash in on $640 billion in holiday spending. More than 10% will be ecommerce sales expected to exceed $60 billion; of that figure, mobile sales areMore »

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4 Ways You May be Wasting Your Money

The problem with suggesting that people are wasting money is that most people are oblivious to the fact that they’re spending unwisely. Try writing down a list of ways you’re unintentionally throwing away money and you may be hard pressed to come up with more than a few. That’s because when something becomes a habitMore »

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Earn Some Extra Cash… Sell on eBay or Craigslist!

Who couldn’t use a little extra cash now and then? One way to kill two birds with one stone is to clear out your extra stuff and sell it. The most common way to resell old goods is to have a garage or yard sale. You might be able to get rid of some things,More »

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The Real Value of Loyalty Card Programs

Keeping costs down is an ongoing challenge when it comes to necessities like food and gasoline. Drive by your local gas station any day of the week and you’ll see the price fluctuate up and down – a crap shoot for anyone hoping to save. Food prices fluctuate too; but not so noticeably, with eachMore »

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Hidden Energy Savings in Your Home

In today’s modern society we’re forced to deal with the ever rising cost of energy. Drive by the pump on any given day and you can expect to see a rise in gasoline prices. Even with energy efficient lighting and appliances, our electricity bills seem to increase year-after-year. When it comes to our creature comforts,More »

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10 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy Used

If you’re struggling with debt, or just trying to save a little money, buying used or refurbished merchandise is an easy way to put some extra cash in your pocket. In many cases, you can find gently used items that are as-good-as-new – or buy refurbished goods directly from the manufacturer at heavily reduced prices.More »

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Ladies… Do You Really Need More Clothing?

Hey ladies! Do ever you wonder why your credit card is maxed out? Have you even considered the amount of money you spend to stay in-style and look good? While it’s impossible to provide an exact dollar amount, the average American woman spends 5% of her income on clothes. Projections for the clothing industry inMore »

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5 Ways to Cut Waste and Reduce Expenses

Working to make life better on a limited income can be a frustrating and a seemingly hopeless task, especially when you’ve done everything possible to reduce household expenses. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you’re following a bare bones budget and have limited your lifestyle to the absolute essentials. Living this way may lower yourMore »

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Time to Switch? How to Choose The Right Bank

Most consumers approach banking the traditional way, i.e., they find a local bank, open an account – THEN FORGET ABOUT IT. They may stick with the same bank for years, regardless of the fees or their evolving financial needs. Although a local bank may be the best choice for you now, there may be otherMore »

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