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Data Breach? Don’t Ditch Your Card Just Yet

Major cyber attacks reported by the media, like the recent breach of the user database at eBay, tend to play on our fears and instill distrust, even when the thieves don’t actually obtain any sensitive information. The way these stories are framed may have you thinking it’s only a matter of time before you’re victimized andMore »

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The Real Value of Loyalty Card Programs

Keeping costs down is an ongoing challenge when it comes to necessities like food and gasoline. Drive by your local gas station any day of the week and you’ll see the price fluctuate up and down – a crap shoot for anyone hoping to save. Food prices fluctuate too; but not so noticeably, with eachMore »

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Are You Better Off? It’s a Matter of Perspective…

Are you “better off” than 4 years ago? The answer depends on your perspective…

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Debt Problems of the Rich and Famous

Celebrities deal with many of the same issues as the average consumer…

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The Top Credit Card Complaints of 2011

Here are the top complaints consumers make about their credit cards…

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Regulations to Eliminate Debt Relief Scams

New regulations are designed to reduce fees and eliminate debt relief scams…

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