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Staying Motivated When Paying Down Debt

The things that are worth doing the most in life will often require perseverance. Consider what it takes to quit smoking or lose weight – big moves that often involve drastic changes in all areas of your personal life. The necessity of paying off large amounts of unsecured debt falls into this same category of life-alteringMore »

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Liability or Asset? Debt Is a Matter of Attitude

Just as coins have two sides, there are opposing situations in finance – something is either considered a “liability “or an “asset.” Your finances should never be balanced; on the contrary, they should tip to a great degree to the asset side. For example, if you have a limited budget, it would be better to payMore »

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A Financial Foundation for College Students

Here’s something many college students may not know – money management during your college years has a direct impact on your employment opportunities after college. No matter how high your GPA is, potential employers will pass you by for another job candidate, if you have a dismal credit history. And it’s not just about excessMore »

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Tips to Deal with Student Loans & College Debt

Some tips for dealing with out-of-control student loans and credit card debt…

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