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Debt Calculators

Use our debt payoff calculator to find out how long it will take to pay off your exisiting debt. Or, select a preferred time-frame to determine the monthly payment amount.

What will it take to payoff my debt?

Enter the total amount of debt: $
Enter your current interest rate (APR): %
Enter your payment each month: $


Enter desired months until debt free:

It will take you to payoff your credit card.

Use our interest calculator to see how much money you can save over time with a lower interest rate. Just provide your balance, current interest rate and new APR.

How much can I save with a lower interest rate?

Enter the total amount of debt: $
Enter your current interest rate (APR): %
New lower interest rate: %
Period of time to calculate savings:
You could save $ with a lower interest rate.

Determine your debt-to-income ratio. Many lenders use this ratio to determine your overall credit risk and loan status, with a ratio below 36% required*

Calculate debt-to-income ratio:

Monthly Debt Payments:  
Mortgage Payment ($ / Month)
Monthly Rent ($ / Month)
Property Taxes ($ / Month)
Homeowner's Insurance Premiums ($ / Month)
Car Loans / Lease Payments ($ / Month)
Personal Loans ($ / Month)
Credit Cards Minimums ($ / Month)
Student Loans ($ / Month)
Other Debt ($ / Month)
Sources of Income:  
Annual Gross Income ($ / Year)
Bonuses / Incentives ($ / Year)
Overtime / Other ($ / Year)
Calculator Results:  
Total Debt Payments ($ / Month)
Total Monthly Income ($ / Month)
Debt-to-Income Ratio
Credit Risk Assessment*
* About Credit Risk Assessment: As a general guideline, a debt-to-income ratio (DTI) of 36% is within most bank and lending limits. As the ratio approaches this limit, the score will migrate from "Low" to "Moderate" risk since a larger share of your household's income will be used to make payments. Debt-to-income ratios above 36% are deemed "High" risk and we recommend taking immediate steps to lower your debt load.

Use our minimum payment calculator to see how long it takes to pay off your debt (and how much interest you'll accumulate) if you pay only the minimum payment.

Results of paying just the minimum payment:

Enter total amount of debt: $
Enter your current interest rate (APR):   %
Minimum payment percentage:   %
Minimum payment amount: $
Total interest paid: $
Number of payments:
Number of years:
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