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ID Theft Reported Less But Still a Threat

There was a time, not that long ago, when news stories about identity theft were so pervasive that it struck fear in the hearts of most Americans. Self-promoting salesmen used scare tactics to sell security products and the media regularly used the subject to keep you tuned in to the evening news. While the issueMore »

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How a Good Credit Score Can Save You Money

When it comes to living the American dream, credit matters! Disparaging comments made by some financial experts about the dangers of borrowing money and the suggestion that cash should be used at all times ignores the simple fact that most Americans require credit to buy a house, car or large ticket item. Credit reporting agenciesMore »

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One Financial Score Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Financial experts often recommend regular check-ups of your credit report as a gauge to see how well you’re managing your personal finances. The advice generally goes along these lines, “Request a regular copy of your report to monitor your credit history and correct any trouble spots before they become an issue.” It’s simple, right? Well,More »

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Credit Score Fluctuations – Should I Worry?

Some credit score fluctuations are normal, but others may signal a problem…

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Minimizing the Damage of Collection Accounts

Your debt collector may be able to help minimize the impact of collections…

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Who’s Checking Your Credit Report?

Find out who is checking your credit and why they want your report…

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Do I Need Identity Theft Protection Services?

It’s no surprise that many people are concerned about their privacy…

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How to Get a “Real” Free Credit Report

Find out how to get a free copy of your credit report with no strings attached…

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