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The Real Value of Loyalty Card Programs

Keeping costs down is an ongoing challenge when it comes to necessities like food and gasoline. Drive by your local gas station any day of the week and you’ll see the price fluctuate up and down – a crap shoot for anyone hoping to save. Food prices fluctuate too; but not so noticeably, with eachMore »

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Ladies… Do You Really Need More Clothing?

Hey ladies! Do ever you wonder why your credit card is maxed out? Have you even considered the amount of money you spend to stay in-style and look good? While it’s impossible to provide an exact dollar amount, the average American woman spends 5% of her income on clothes. Projections for the clothing industry inMore »

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Understanding Credit Card Car Rental Coverage

Be aware of the benefits and limitations of your car rental insurance coverage…

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Protecting Your Credit in Case of Divorce

Some things to consider before getting married or filing for divorce…

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